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The Regensburg

Alt. Protein Project

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Mission Statement

The Regensburg Alt. Protein Project is mobilizing the next generation of innovators and scientists from every discipline to advance the future of food by creating a vibrant community for research and discourse on cellular agriculture and plant-based proteins.

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17:15 - 18:45 CET

Sustainability Lecture

In this lecture we will do a deep dive into the environmental and public health impacts of conventionally produced animal products and have a look at the latest science about the sustainability of alternative proteins. Feel free to join us through the link below. German only!

19:00 CET


Greetings to all new students! If you are looking for a student group to put your energy in, to meet new people or if you just love food and want to know what it might look like in the future - then we are looking forward to see you at our Ersti-Evening. We will introduce ourselves, our project and ideas, so we all can get to know each other!


Three of our main goals


What are alternative proteins?

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Plant-Based Products

Food derived from a plant or fungus designed to replace animal-based meat and products.

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Cultivated Meat

It has all the characteristics of conventional meat; it’s just made by growing only the relevant cell types (muscles cells, fat cells, connective tissue) rather than the whole animal.


Fermentation includes cultivation of any microbial species for either whole-cell biomass or a valuable fraction thereof.

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The Good Food Institute

The GFI works with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to make groundbreaking good food a reality. They focus on cultivated meat and plant-based alternatives to animal products.

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Stimulate open-access research that enables innovation in plant-based meat, cultivated meat, and fermentation

We aim to establish a scientific discourse around alternative protein sources, especially cultivated meat, within the open-access research community at the University of Regensburg.

Organize events and conferences that generate awareness and excitement, propel innovation, and cultivate new ideas around alternative proteins

We aim to raise awareness and excitement as well as propel innovation regarding alternative proteins by hosting and organizing events and by participating in conferences in Regensburg and other locations.

Build a fun, fulfilling, and inclusive community for students and researchers interested in alternative proteins

We are going to create a friendly, inclusive and vibrant community for like-minded students and researchers from our university as well as from the adjacent University of Applied Sciences.

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Kollegen arbeiten zusammen


The Regensburg Alt.Pro Team

Niklas Kroner-Weigl


Niklas is one of the four co-founders of The Regensburg Alt. Protein Project. He had the idea of founding the group at the University of Regensburg and is stoked that the Alt.Pro is now finally able to kick off.

Juliane Bernhard


Juliane is studying Molecular Medicine and is in charge of our social media posts. The moment she heard it might be possible to taste the meat of dinosaurs in the future she wanted to support the development of cultivated meat.

Anna-Lena Mader


Lena is a trained medical laboratory assistent and currently studying Molecular Medicine. She is passioned about the idea of cultivated meat and other alternative protein sources as an opportunity to shape society's view on animal rights and environmental protection.

Lucas Reibenspies


Lucas is also pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Medicine. Being a part of The Regensburg Alt. Protein Project, he hopes not only to advance research in the field of alternative protein and the public acceptance of its products, but to again enjoy his favorite dishes in the future.






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